There is a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing across the land and it will bring a new freedom to many that have been bound by sin and works of the flesh. The Lord spoke before the Presidential election and said "As goes Ohio, so will go the Nation"......And we have certainly seen that take place. It doesn't matter who you voted for or what your politics may be, the Lord has appointed a new President-Elect in Donald Trump. We must acknowledge that the Lord is working to bring about His plan and purpose for our Nation. We must give honor to whom honor is due and stand with our Country as we face uncertain times in the future. 

There is a mighty outpouring of His Spirit in the prison system around our Nation at this time and we are seeing a mighty Revival taking place in the Ohio Prisons. There are inmates that have never tasted of the Love of God being transformed through His touch. I have had the doors open to take my Advocate School of Ministry behind prison doors to teach the men that are incarcerated about the Gifts of the Spirit and the SuperNatural Life that the Lord has for them. 

The River Valley Life Center, where we go, are taking Church into the prison once a month and also live stream the services every Sunday for our River Congregation that are behind locked doors. Pastors Paul & Paula Bishop are reaching out with the Love of God to those that can't get to the Church, so we take the Church to them. Souls are being saved, bodies healed, men are being filled with the Holy Ghost and their ministry gifts are being released in them to touch other inmates. ONLY GOD could make this happen. My son-in-law, Tim Reed is heading up this outreach in the prisons around the State and doors are being opened that truly no man could open.

This is PROPHECY being fulfilled right before our eyes. Get ready for the Lord to speak to you about the coming New Year! He wants us to tune our ears in to His Spirit and hear what He is saying to the Church.