Word for 2018

The Lord says, He has a people prepared for such a time as this that will stand before the mountain and shout "Grace, Grace", and it shall come down.

(Zechariah 4:7)

I have My Josephs waiting for My words of instruction. They have been prepared through adversities, trial, and circumstances that seemed almost more than they could bear, yet they have come forth as shining lights declaring My glory. I have many that have come forth in total Victory knowing that all things work together for their good and My Glory. They are fine tuning their spiritual ears to hear My Voice and will go in the power of My Spirit, says the Lord.

There will be much upheaval in the year ahead, both at home and abroad, but it will be My plan unfolding and My purpose being revealed. Those that have an ear to hear, HEAR what the Spirit is saying. In the darkest hour, there will arise a shout from My people that will cause the enemy to flee. Just as I prepared a people to provide for the children of Israel, so will I provide in this day, sayeth the Lord.

The mountains will tremble with the shouts of "Grace" that shall proceed from the mouths of My people. They shall by bold and courageous in the face of the enemy  for I will give them what they need to complete the work that I have given them.

There shall arise on the horizon a people that have no sphere of influence until I touch their lips with My Spirit and then they shall become My mouth, My hands, and My feet on the earth.

They will hear My Spirit speak to them and they shall respond with "Yes, Lord, your servant hears Your voice". All of the trials that have been allowed to touch My chosen Vessels have been but preparation for what lies ahead. 

I started a shaking in this past year to show My people that I am still "I Am" and that all that can be shaken, WILL be shaken. This is just the beginning, for I will have a people that can't be shaken by the circumstances of life. Sin will be exposed, and lies will be revealed by the light of truth.

I will give My servants the answers needed to bring down the mountains of influence and take captive the Kingdoms of the World in order that they may truly make disciples of ALL NATIONS.

They have been hidden away and listening to My voice for many months and some, years. But they have no agenda of their own and desire only the will of the Father. They have been praying in the Spirit and with the understanding also, to know the plan and purpose of the Lord. I will use them in My plan for I can trust them with MY AGENDA. Many will be unknown to the world, but I will use them to bring down the mountains and usher in the Kingdom of the Lord.

With the passing of Billy Graham, the Lord has brought back the prophetic word He gave several years ago. He said:"When Billy Grahams spirit enters into the heavenlies, there will  be an explosion of the Evangelists Anointing that has rested upon him and it would be poured out on the earth upon His servants. It will be the greatest influx of souls this world has ever seen."

I believe this is connected to the billion soul Revival that Bob Jones prophesied.