Carriers Of Light Gospel Sound

"Through The Night"



1. Robe And Crown

2. Through The Fire

3. The Broken Pieces (Lois Hoshor)

4. I've Come Too Far To Look Back

5.  When I Get Carried Away

6. One Drop Of Blood (Ron Mason)

7. I Made It By Grace

8. Praise His Name

9. If You Knew Him

10. Through The Night (Ron Mason)


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Books By Author Lois A. Hoshor




In the pages of this book, I have endeavored to record       the things the Lord has spoken to me that are powerful     tools from His Word that will empower us to see the     captives set free.  There are people that are bound with Soul Ties and Bloodline Curses that don't know what is holding them in bondage.  There are spirits of tradition and religion that need to be broken. Multitudes need to know how to KEEP their Victory! Once you have been set free, you possess that freedom to give to others. You can PASS IT ON and see the multitudes walking in victory. We need that Power of Impartation activated in our lives so we can do just that!  He came to set the captives free.     So can we, in the power of His Name! So walk with me now and see the SHACKLES BROKEN and the CAPTIVES SET FREE!

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If you are ready to move on past the basics of the faith, this book is for you. In these pages you will not only find the encouragement to go on, you will be equipped for victory. You will learn how to identify the "dark areas of the soul" the enemy uses to infiltrate our thoughts and gain a foothold. You will learn how to pull down his strongholds and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  When the Lord returns for His Bride, will you be MIA,  AWOL, or a POW?  Or, will you be PURE, but POWERFUL, STRONG but SENSITIVE, BEAUTIFUL but BOLD, MEEK but MIGHTY, prepared for His return?.

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In this book, Author Lois A. Hoshor has endeavored to enlightened the Body of Christ to the power of the Word of God that for so long has laid dormant or been applied in a very casual way, Time is running out, therefore,"It's Time" for the Bride of Christ to BECOME what the Word of God SAYS we are!  The Word Works!  LET IT!  You will be Encouraged, Enlightened, and Excited about the Promises of God as you look into the Plan and Purpose for YOUR LIFE.

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or: Who You Gonna Tell This To?

 I want all who read this book to understand that it is not about experiences, it's abouta man called Jesus. He will speak to us EVERYDAY if we just have an ear to hear Him. I also want to point out the fact that as you have what the world calls "Supernatural Experiences", you will continue to have your thoughts and be very aware of the world around you.  This is what the Lord calls, "Life In The Spirit".....

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Many of us have been taught things during our lifetime; things that I am finding to be contrary to the Revelations of the Lord that are coming forth in these last days.  This book may challenge your belief system and cause you to go on a search for the truth that has not been previously revealed.  You will      read about an experience that my husband Bob had while being clinically dead for 21 minutes while having open heart surgery.   It is my hope that it will cause you to go on a treasure hunt with the Lord so you can have your hunger for more of Jesus stirred in your Soul and Spirit.


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(Pastor Lois & Bob Hoshor's daughter)






One of the most effective ways to impact this world is to establish a prayer life on behalf of our offspring, our precious children.  "Flesh of Your Flesh: God's Master Plan" is a manual of sorts with the intent to inspire the reader to pray for their children from the very start. May you be encouraged  to know you can make a difference for the Kingdom of God starting first with your own children, then the children that you impact and the children in your world.  ""And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your offspring after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your offspring after."  Genesis 17:7

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(Lord, Your Word Says)


It is a critical turning point; a moment in time where everything changes.  How we respond to these life changing moments in our lives is critical to the outcome.  God's intention for His word is to plan a seed into our hearts and then for it to become fruit that will remain.  As we partake of it and eat of the spiritual truths set forth in it, it has the power to give you a strong fondation when everything else in life is changing!  "WATERSHED MOMENTS WITH GOD, LORD YOUR WORD SAYS....."will give you the tools to get through those critial turning points in life; it will plant that seed deep into your heart and will give you confidence in the spoken Word of God.  Our God is faithful to His word!

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