The Biblical meaning for :Twenty" is Redemption or A Time of Waiting. 

We can look at the Law of first mention in the Bible and see this truth. Genesis 31:38-40 Jacob worked for his father-in-law twenty years before he could claim his wives and flocks. (A time of waiting)

Judges 4&5 Jabin, king of Canaan, oppressed the children of Israel for twenty years. Then the Lord raised up Deborah and Barak to deliver them. (A time of waiting)

I Samuel 5-7: The Ark of the Covenant was gone from the House of Israel for twenty years before its return. ( A time of waiting)

It was after twenty years that Redemption took place!

(These are just a few examples)

The meaning of the word REDEMPTION is "buying Back' or "release from sin". (This is from Websters dictionary.)

We get the word "redeem" from redemption and one of the meaning of this word is JUSTIFY.....


It s going to be a year of clear vision, but there is more to it than that!

"Not only will the Prophets see clearly, but they will HEAR the Lord speak with clarity the things that are to come to pass.

For many of God's people, the time of waiting will come to an end and the long awaited promises of the Lord shall be fulfilled. Many will be amazed at the way God causes these things to come to pass, for it will not be the expected or the norm! 

God's people are going to start walking in the revelation of the importance of the WORDS that come forth from their mouths and they will SEE what they say come to pass.

There will be REDEMPTION for many in the coming year, and it will come in many forms and fashions. There will be those that

shall be REDEEMED from sin by the Sovereign hand of God. Families shall see Isaiah 43:6 come to pass, and they shall hear the voice of the Lord say, "I will say to the north, "Give them up! And to the south, "Do not keep them back!" Bring My sons from afar, and My daughters from the ends of the earth." 

Many ministries have become discouraged and on the brink of giving up, but the Spirit of the Lord has kept His hand on them and just when they were ready to call it quits, He would give them a Word or re-kindle their dreams, and they would keep on holding on to the promises yet to be fulfilled. This is the year to SEE those promises come to pass and many will be moved into their calling and HEAR the voice of the Lord call them by name. 

We will see the Hand of God move in the government in this year.Jezebel has overplayed her hand and the dogs are about to eat her flesh! There will be some "surprises" take place, but they will not be a surprise to My Intercessors or prayer warriors. DO NOT STOP PRAYING for My Cyrus that I have placed in power. He will be vindicated and REDEMPTION shall be seen. You must cover his family in prayer for the enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy. This is a pivotal year for the government, but My Plan shall unfold and My purpose shall be seen.

I am going to REDEEM those things from the hands of the enemy that have been stolen from My people over the last twenty years. Many lost their homes, their families, their ministries, and their hope. But I say, it shall be restored and you shall say, "It is just God, for there is no other way this could have taken place."

I am releasing My Deborahs and Baraks in this coming year. They shall recognize the enemy and hear the voice of the Lord give instructions as to how to fight the battle. I have placed them in My churches around the world and they shall raise up a standard against the enemy and the battles shall be won. I am calling My people to be HOLY as I am Holy.....There has been a line drawn in the sand and it shall no longer be crossed over. Sin shall be recognized as sin and because of this, a great falling away shall be seen. But, My Spirit is at work drawing the sinner to repentance and REDEMPTION shall be seen and the Hand of God will do what only He can do.

This is a year of promise for those that have been bound by shackles of grief and emotional pain from days gone by. I will work a work in them that will result in freedom from the ties that have had them bound. They will call on the Name of the Lord and shall be set free.

Many will go their separate ways in this coming year but My Spirit will work in them to keep them from falling away. They shall find a new path and walk in it.

My TREASURES behind Prison Doors shall only increase as My vessels of honor continue to do the work of the Evangelist. I am raising up many across the land to be workers in this harvest field. This is no SMALL THING!

This shall be a year of a new thing; shall you not know it? (Isaiah 43:19)

I will place within My sons and daughters ideas that will make a way in their desert. They shall obey My voice and be led by My Spirit and KNOW that I am their God. It has been a time of trials and many wilderness experiences in this season, but it has prepared you for what I have is store. As you seek My face, you will hear Me speak and I will give you the direction that you need.

Get ready for a turn-around in your circumstances and prepare your heart to worship the Most High God.

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